Hey there, thanks for taking a peek at my blog.

I'm rather the impulsive person. I always have a bunch of fresh flowers in my room and you will never will you see me in tights that aren't covered in blonde dog hairs. 
One day, i'll be living by the sea. Tranquil and quiet. I'll be of up-most content down by the beach. 
Very content indeed.

This is me, embarking upon a quest to become a well rounded, exhibit of a teacher. I will moan, i will rant, i will exhale loudly (but you won't know that). I will probably make spelling mistakes and my comprehension might be a little 'off' at times. But hopefully you can find a  truthfulness and relatability to my posts that make you think... 

'Well, look's like my day wasn't so bad after all!'

Enough about me.

 I could ramble all day.

L x

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  1. Hey Laura! What a talented gal you are! Not only a burgeoning illustrative designer (look forward to seeing that evolve) but also an Image Consultant, Comedian (next stop Edinburgh Fringe?!😂) and a cocktail mixologist! Thanks for brightening my very normal day and making me smile - look forward to reading more...😅👠💄👗🍸