Beetle Baby

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

I literally feel like 5 days ago it was January first. It's March 23rd. 

W  h  a  t

I've had a fabulous month in all honesty. I brought my dream car & I've had some lovely time's out with good friends and so on and so forth. 

Just how pretty is my steering wheel? *heart face emoji x 10*
I brought myself a Beetle design 1.4 Tsi (not 100% what this means but my boyfriend said that it's good so... plus it sounds sporty) in baby blue. Eep. I've wanted this car for absolutely years and now it's mine. If you know me, you obviously know that i haven't stopped talking about it and that i have used almost 2 entire tanks of fuel already. I've barely even had it 2 weeks! You will also be less than surprised that i wanted to do a blog post about it, because i physically cannot keep my mouth shut about this car. 
Not to mention that it drives like a dream. I know i'm biased because i totally love this car, but it seriously does!


It matches my handbag and spring coat sooo well! 

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