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Monday, 11 January 2016

I never used to be that fussed about my skin. I never used cleansing products. I actually used body wash on my face! Never again.
I had never sat down and analysed my skin thoroughly- the dark circles, the blemishes, black heads, under the skin lumps and bumps and the red patches that braised my cheeks.

... Until i looked and saw all that ...

So i did something about it! I researched how to rid myself of all these impurities id suddenly unveiled after years of just shrugging it off i finally got myself together and built myself a skincare routine.

I've put together a little diagram below showcasing the products i use on my face/skin daily. The only one i don't use on my face in the picture is the flake away scrub on the far right. I find that is much to harsh on my face and felt like i was loosing layers and layers of skin! It's not designed for face's anyway... You can tell i was a novice at this when i first began.

 I tried e v e r y t h i n g and a n y t h i n g!

The only thing that isn't included in the little diagram is the scrub i use for my face. I haven't included it purely because i couldn't find it on polyvore when i was putting it all together! The scrub is use is Sanctuary Spa's Youth Boosting Facial Warming Micro-Brasion Polish The scrub normally costs £12.25 in Debenhams but you can get it cheaper in outlet shops etc... I was brought this scrub for christmas just gone, and i'm already in skin care heaven with it. 
Those red circles ive mentioned? G O N E
Lumpy bumpy skin? G O N E
Cheeks as soft as a baby's bottom? I got those!

This is the product i most endorse out of all the above! Its the priciest. But seriously, i wouldn't think twice about not buying this little gem!

... And here is my face too prove it.

0% make-up ... even my brows!

Thanks for having a read!

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