Beetle Baby

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

I literally feel like 5 days ago it was January first. It's March 23rd. 

W  h  a  t

I've had a fabulous month in all honesty. I brought my dream car & I've had some lovely time's out with good friends and so on and so forth. 

Just how pretty is my steering wheel? *heart face emoji x 10*
I brought myself a Beetle design 1.4 Tsi (not 100% what this means but my boyfriend said that it's good so... plus it sounds sporty) in baby blue. Eep. I've wanted this car for absolutely years and now it's mine. If you know me, you obviously know that i haven't stopped talking about it and that i have used almost 2 entire tanks of fuel already. I've barely even had it 2 weeks! You will also be less than surprised that i wanted to do a blog post about it, because i physically cannot keep my mouth shut about this car. 
Not to mention that it drives like a dream. I know i'm biased because i totally love this car, but it seriously does!


It matches my handbag and spring coat sooo well! 

Feelin' Summer

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

My most favourite thing. Florals.
 Flowers, Flowers, Flowers... Flowers everywhere. Eeep!
I thought the outfit above would be perfect from a drink at a pub with friends/a boyfriend. The midi skirt has a really romantic feel to it. I love blush pink.

 I've been a busy little bee planning my SS16 wardrobe.. in my head and visually. Because ive got a serious lack of funding since i decided it would be a fab idea to buy a laptop and redecorate my room. In the same month...Great thinking there Laura!

So yep. I've spent the majority of my evenings on Pinterest scouring through dreamy dresses and billowing skirts.

Here's some of my favourite ones from pinterest.

It's so delicate & Feminine. I need to find myself a lace staple for summer!

Big over sized dresses.
 I love the large look-at-me stripe across the middle. Personally i'd wear this as a more casual look. Some flat, lace-up sandals and my hair in a bun. Maybe throw on a brown leather jacket for those cooler spring/summer mornings.

Off the Shoulder dresses/tops.
This is so cute! perfect for a park walk. Or easy to dress up in the evening with some bold red lippy and a pair of heels. Maybe adding a shrug whilst walking outside. This has definitely more of a mid summer feel to it.

Thanks for reading, Hope you've got a few ideas!

8 Times GiGi Smashed It

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

I love her, i quite literally love her.

The 20 year old, Dutch/Palestinian L.A supermodel does fashion how it should be done. On and off the catwalk. The natural began modelling at 2 years old for Guess. TWO! Adorable!

With Plenty of cover story's under her belt including the likes of;

VOGUE - Spain, Australia, Brazil & The Netherlands
ELLE - Canada

So, for a 20 year old, that's not bad going. That's also not counting her recent appearance in the Victoria's Secret Runway for SS16 in December 2015. 

Here's 8 times she smashed it. By simply being her.
 (well, i think anyway...) 

Super sass-all-black minus the shoes GiGi

Savvy looking shopper GiGi

The Queen of All-Black

This is quite simply- adorba-GiGi.

Seriously GiGi?! Double denim?! HOW are you doing this and looking like THAT


THAT Tom Ford dress at the Cannes amFAR Gala in May 2015. Oh my gosh


The 2015 Oscars. This dress was phenomenal!


This look is just everything. The nude colour is perfect. The sunnies are amaze. She just looks effortlessly fabulous!

Let me know if you agree in the comments!

Skin Care

Monday, 11 January 2016

I never used to be that fussed about my skin. I never used cleansing products. I actually used body wash on my face! Never again.
I had never sat down and analysed my skin thoroughly- the dark circles, the blemishes, black heads, under the skin lumps and bumps and the red patches that braised my cheeks.

... Until i looked and saw all that ...

So i did something about it! I researched how to rid myself of all these impurities id suddenly unveiled after years of just shrugging it off i finally got myself together and built myself a skincare routine.

I've put together a little diagram below showcasing the products i use on my face/skin daily. The only one i don't use on my face in the picture is the flake away scrub on the far right. I find that is much to harsh on my face and felt like i was loosing layers and layers of skin! It's not designed for face's anyway... You can tell i was a novice at this when i first began.

 I tried e v e r y t h i n g and a n y t h i n g!

The only thing that isn't included in the little diagram is the scrub i use for my face. I haven't included it purely because i couldn't find it on polyvore when i was putting it all together! The scrub is use is Sanctuary Spa's Youth Boosting Facial Warming Micro-Brasion Polish The scrub normally costs £12.25 in Debenhams but you can get it cheaper in outlet shops etc... I was brought this scrub for christmas just gone, and i'm already in skin care heaven with it. 
Those red circles ive mentioned? G O N E
Lumpy bumpy skin? G O N E
Cheeks as soft as a baby's bottom? I got those!

This is the product i most endorse out of all the above! Its the priciest. But seriously, i wouldn't think twice about not buying this little gem!

... And here is my face too prove it.

0% make-up ... even my brows!

Thanks for having a read!